Pri­ce nego­tia­ti­on

Ima­gi­ne you want to buy a car and the dea­ler opens the pri­ce nego­tia­ti­on with an offer of € 30 000. What do we recom­mend now in our Nego­tia­ti­on Trai­ning? Offer € 31 000! Have we lost our minds? No, becau­se almost never the pri­ce is as important as most think!

Tug of warOf cour­se — regard­less of the nego­tia­ti­on stra­tegy, ever­yo­ne is hung up on money: the buy­er wants to pay litt­le, the sel­ler wants to get a lot. But this is pre­cis­e­ly whe­re one of the most com­mon nego­tia­ti­on mista­kes: one redu­ces the nego­tia­ti­on points to Too few fac­tors. When someone tells us, “Plea­se help us nego­tia­te our sale. We have agreed on ever­y­thing except the pri­ce,” then agree­ment is hard­ly in sight. Becau­se the nego­tia­ting par­ties here have taken all the nego­tia­ting opti­ons off the table- except for one. The nego­tia­ti­on will now be a pure tug of warwhe­re any gain for one leads to an equi­va­lent loss for the other and vice ver­sa. What to do? Bring as many Nego­tia­ti­on points as pos­si­ble on the table.


From pri­ce nego­tia­ti­on to pro­per nego­tia­ti­on

For exam­p­le, do you want to buy a house Nego­tia­te pro­per­ly, the­re are count­less nego­tia­ting points here: Move-in date, fur­ni­tu­re, method of pay­ment of the bro­kera­ge fee and much more. If you — as we do for our NAS­HER Semi­nar regu­lar­ly do — rent con­fe­rence rooms in a hotel, do not stif­fen on the pri­ce. Your nego­tia­ti­on stra­tegy must be to find other nego­tia­ting opti­ons that cost the hotel less than they are worth to you. Free drinks during the mee­ting, cof­fee breaks with pastries — all this cos­ts the hotel litt­le, but is worth a lot to you. The basic ques­ti­on for you to nego­tia­te pro­per­ly is the­r­e­fo­re: what cos­ts you litt­le that is worth a lot to me and vice ver­sa?

The opti­mal pri­ce nego­tia­ti­on

But what if your pri­ce is the Bud­get of your nego­tia­ti­on oppo­nent exceeds? If you go down in pri­ce, you only igni­te the ambi­ti­on of your coun­ter­part to push it even fur­ther. Bes­i­des, every dis­count decrea­ses the pro­fit immense­ly, becau­se alre­a­dy 5 % dis­count often hal­ves the pro­fit. So what to do? For­get about the pri­ce and lower other nego­tia­ti­on points. For such cases, do you have a che­a­per opti­on just as Apple now offers ipho­nes in various pri­ce cate­go­ries. And you yours­elf? To return to the exam­p­le of buy­ing a car: offer more money, but ask for other nego­tia­ting points, for exam­p­le win­ter tires, two free inspec­tions, and the update of the navi­ga­ti­on sys­tem for the next 3 years. All of this is worth cash to them, but cos­ts the dea­ler litt­le. You now have a car that is worth 35,000 euros to you! With this Nego­tia­ti­on stra­tegy break away from the usu­al pri­ce nego­tia­ti­on and get ser­vices that are worth tens of times what you pay in money. But the­re is also pri­ce nego­tia­ti­on, espe­ci­al­ly purcha­sing nego­tia­ti­on or Sales nego­tia­ti­onsin which the focus is exclu­si­ve­ly on the pri­ce. We will show you how to lead the nego­tia­ti­on and gain the upper hand here in the NAS­HER Semi­nar with exci­ting nego­tia­ti­on simu­la­ti­ons. Sign up now!

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