Learn to nego­tia­te bet­ter with Jack Nas­her

What do you think of when you hear the word nego­tia­te? Most asso­cia­te it with a lar­ge nego­tia­ting table whe­re board mem­bers and a reti­nue of pro­fes­sio­nal nego­tia­tors sit across from each other and hagg­le over a bil­li­on-dol­lar sale. Such sce­na­ri­os do exist, but they repre­sent only a frac­tion of real-world nego­tia­ting.

Nego­tia­ti­on pro­fes­sio­nal from the ground up

We start doing this very ear­ly, long befo­re we ever heard of the Har­vard con­cept. Suc­cessful nego­tia­ti­on starts in infan­cy: we shout until we are fed — wit­hout any nego­tia­ti­on trai­ning at all. Later, we want to drink Coke, stay awa­ke lon­ger and get more pocket money — again, we haven’t been to a nego­tia­ti­on semi­nar. A few years after that, we want to dye our hair, go out until mid­night and dri­ve the car and often nego­tia­te suc­cessful­ly — again wit­hout nego­tia­ti­on trai­ning.

Suc­cessful nego­tia­ti­on in ever­y­day life

Once we’­re grown up, it’s on to the next ques­ti­on: Which fami­ly car will we buy? Whe­re are we going on vaca­ti­on? What are we going to eat today? But we lose our child­li­ke stub­born­ness that so often let us nego­tia­te suc­cessful­ly, espe­ci­al­ly as cir­cum­s­tances beco­me more com­pli­ca­ted — or so it seems. Yet you do it every time a poli­ce­man stops you, you’­ve lost your par­king ticket, or you want to exch­an­ge some­thing wit­hout a receipt. At work, of cour­se, you nego­tia­te with cus­to­mers in pri­ce nego­tia­ti­ons, with sales or purcha­sing, and with your boss in sala­ry nego­tia­ti­ons. But every con­ver­sa­ti­on also invol­ves nego­tia­ti­on. Becau­se every time you try to con­vin­ce someone, you are nego­tia­ting — name­ly about who is right.

How often do you nego­tia­te?

“What have you alre­a­dy nego­tia­ted today?”. We start the DEAL nego­tia­ti­on trai­ning with this ques­ti­on and only slow­ly does ever­yo­ne rea­li­ze how many ever­y­day situa­tions actual­ly repre­sent nego­tia­ti­on sce­na­ri­os — the world is a huge nego­tia­ti­on table! Sci­en­tists assu­me that we do it for no less than for­ty hours a week — far away from any nego­tia­ti­on trai­ning! Whe­ther this figu­re appli­es to you or not, you nego­tia­te fre­quent­ly and it would signi­fi­cant­ly impro­ve your life if you nego­tia­ted suc­cessful­ly more often.

Nego­tia­ting suc­cessful­ly means having con­trol

And inde­ed, today the­re are two pri­ces for almost ever­y­thing: the pri­ce for the one who nego­tia­tes suc­cessful­ly and the pri­ce for the others. This is accom­pa­nied every day by the fee­ling that we could have done bet­ter if only we had nego­tia­ted suc­cessful­ly. How uncom­for­ta­ble is it when we buy an apart­ment and later learn that our neigh­bor paid 20 % less for his, iden­ti­cal apart­ment, sim­ply becau­se his nego­tia­ti­on skills are bet­ter? How you act in the count­less nego­tia­ti­on situa­tions from the moment you get up in the mor­ning to the moment you go to bed will deter­mi­ne whe­ther you feel like an over­rea­ching jerk or a mas­ter of the situa­ti­on. Learn the most effec­ti­ve nego­tia­ti­on tech­ni­ques from the nego­tia­ti­on pro­fes­sio­nals with us and never again feel like you’­ve given some­thing away. Ins­tead, you will now be rela­xed in every nego­tia­ti­on becau­se you know you nego­tia­ted opti­mal­ly. With this good fee­ling you will now lea­ve every nego­tia­ti­on! Learn to nego­tia­te suc­cessful­ly now and sign up for the NAS­HER semi­nar!


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